The mandate of the Funeral Planning and Memorial Society of Manitoba (FPMS) is to provide information to assist Manitobans in making informed decisions when considering their final arrangements.  We encourage members to pre-plan, put their plans on paper and to share this information with family members or the person(s) who is most likely to carry out their wishes upon death.

All operating funds are derived from membership fees and donations.  We do not receive government or corporate support.  If you wish to become a member, click on the membership tab to download an application.  If you agree with our philosophy and mandate, we would be pleased to receive a donation to help us carry out this important work.  Just click on the Donation tab to download a form.  Thank you.

This non-profit organization is served entirely by volunteers. The information we present is to the best of our knowledge honest and accurate as it has been presented to us.

The Basic Idea-Planning the Type of Funeral You Want

You may have definite ideas about your final arrangements, but unless you have shared these ideas with family, when death comes, your loved ones may feel guilty or bewildered while trying to figure out what you might have wanted.

These decisions often have to be made very quickly and under great emotional strain.  Pre-planning removes this problem for those who must arrange the funeral and helps to ensure that your wishes are followed.

Not everyone wants the same thing.  Some people prefer a simple arrangement while others may want something more elaborate.

Pre-planning allows thoughtful and intelligent choices to be made at a time when you can look at all the alternatives.

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